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How Social Media impacts on the virality of #WOM (Word Of Mouth) Marketing for local businesses like

Marketing and Advertising a restaurant used to be easy earlier. All you needed was an article in the newspaper, a radio commercial and a TV commercial. It was that simple. But this is not enough in today’s world where technology and the method of socializing is leading every day. Social media has a great significance and a value in today’s world. People want to let the world know what is happening in their life by wanting to express their feelings, posting pictures of where they are travelling, life events, and much more. Social Media is more than just posting pictures! Businesses these days are stepping onto social platforms not only to let customers know what’s happening with their brand, but also to increase the sales of their business.

Viral Marketing for Restaurants

Restaurant marketing is very critical. WOM is one of the most influential ways to increase sale in this business. The main secret to the success of WOM marketing is because we trust our friends and family very much when we hear a recommendation from them. The use of digital marketing along with WOM marketing in such a way that can help increase the sale at your restaurant is not that technical. All you need is a strategy that helps you achieve all of this.

Firstly, GET ONLINE! Create an account on different Social Media Handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, and a few restaurant apps such as Zomato, Talabat, Uber Eats, and Deliveroo. This will help customers to rate your restaurant on the basis of service, taste, speed of delivery, recommendation of dishes, etc. It is very necessary to have positive ratings on your restaurant page in order to drive traffic. Having some social media influencers invited to your restaurant and giving them the best dishes of your restaurant with a great presentation and brilliant service can help you achieve positive ratings as they have many followers and it acts as a WOM marketing. If people are influenced with their online posts, it’s definitely on their list now! But it is necessary to provide all your customers the best quality of dine-in in order for them to talk about you online. Any customer review published on the mentioned social and food platforms are very powerful and must not be underestimated. Secondly, it is mandatory to thank all the people who post positive recommendations.

With positive ratings comes also the negative rating which needs to be tackled very quickly and smartly. Negative WOM is very dangerous problem and must never ignore it. Most of them can be tackled with understanding the customer’s problem and by rectifying the problem as soon as possible by maybe providing a free meal, a discount on the bill, or anything more. If the situation is well controlled, the customer is most likely to put up a positive review which can strengthen the customer relationship.

Therefore, it is very vital to focus on building relationship with the customer. It is definitely very difficult to provide quality service to each and everyone but the results will be outstanding. As the traditional business rule says, Customer is the King, Never let a King down. Customers will recognize you for outstanding characteristics and become Loyal Customers.

Communique LLC is an experienced and specialized agency that promotes brands related to the Food & Beverage industry, with decades of rich experience when it comes to marketing for restaurants. From fine dining to casual dining, Fast food to Quick Service restaurants, clubs, bars and night clubs and more, have successfully devised and marketed numerous campaigns for brands in the Middle East.

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