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Latest Digital Technologies that are trending and can be used by a Restaurant

In the era of technology; marketing and advertising methods have evolved beyond simple promotions and reach. It's now more focused on customer engagement and simplifying their transaction process behind acquiring products and services from the provider.

Sound's too much complex?. Well, this is the fact and the only magic wand to get an edge in the competition. Be it food delivery, managing vendors, inventory, automating ordering system, waiter service to creating a visualization effect in displaying every element of service. Technology not only ease the operation of doing business but, also saves a customer's time and money. Scaling up the service becomes easy and the customer feels more connected due to personalization. You must have the opportunity to come across many such advanced technologies that made the news in recent times. Big Data, predictive analytics, online ordering system, inventory management system, queue management system, augmented reality, holography, food preparing robotics, artificial intelligence, automated food delivery system, online payment system using cryptocurrency or digital wallet or credit cards to delivering food using a drone technology as a small part of the whole pool of opportunities available. Automation is possible for almost all the functions in the business.

Latest technologies which are recently in use by restaurants to retain and acquire new customers are augmented reality, artificial intelligence, big data analytics, payment using digital wallet or cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum (based on blockchain technology). Again, all said than done, the use of appropriate technology in the right situation is also challenging. Better research and analyze before diving into the world of digital technology.

Big Data Analytics - It is an advanced analytics system used to curate a big set of structured and unstructured data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences that could have been impossible through traditional analytics. Currently, in use for tracking customers sentiments related to a brand over a period. It can be used primarily to manage the reputation of the brand. Besides, also can help in market research and mapping customer segment behavior.

Big Data Analytics For Restaurant

Artificial Intelligence - This system ensures an intelligent approach to every action or event taking place in its cognizance. This technology is in the nascent stage of development though businesses have successfully managed to implement some of its applications. Latest use cases can be found in chatbots to communicate and answer queries asked by the consumers. AI-driven robots prepare food and deliver to the right consumer in the fastest possible time. Recommendation engines based on AI helps consumers decide the right menu for ordering based on their past preferences, taste ,and situation. AI driven kiosks to reduce queue by capturing consumer preferences and enhancing their ordering experiences.

Artificial Intelligence

Digital Payment - Now cryptocurrency in trending where there is no need to carry cash or credit cards for any shopping or dining. Digital wallets supported by virtual coins can be carried through a small app in mobile devices and transferred wherever a purchase is done. Digital tokens are supported by blockchain technology which ensures no hacking or malpractice is possible. This technology reduces money laundering or forgery and every transaction is documented for verification later. No currency exchange needed neither the consumer will run out of change anytime which was a problem earlier seen in cash and credit card transactions.

Digital Wallet

Augmented Reality - The real world environment get augmented virtually by computer-generated perceptual information. This technology is used to enhance customer experience inside the store or while shopping online as well. Some of the examples like trying out clothes without even wearing it in a garment store or like trying different eyeglasses with frames without actually wearing a single one. Similarly, children can interact with virtual pizzas flying on their table or a coloring app where all designs on paper come out live on a device with full-scale animation.

Augmented Reality

Understanding the facts and trends in technology usage in running a restaurant, businesses should evaluate their budgeting proposal in vis a vis their short and long-term goals. They should always ensure that in what way the technology is benefiting their current ecosystem and target audience.

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