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How to build a perfect website for any Digital Campaign

Someone rightly said that if you can consider lead generation with fishing then they draw similar characteristics. Lead generation is like a fishing where you have to set a bait (similar to content creation) on your fish net (similar to a website or landing page) to catch fish (similar to leads or inquiries). Only the hunter has to decide which lake or sea or river (similar to targeting audiences over Social Media or Search Engine or other third party community Websites).

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In reality the website or landing page is more complex and different if compared to the fishing net. Almost around 200 factors listed by different experts. We shall discuss here about some elements in the website that can help to succeed in your digital marketing or Social Media strategies.

ON Page Optimization Factors :-

1. Meta Tags (Description, Title, Keywords).

Meta description limits of maximum 200 characters, 66 characters for Title and 10 keywords describing about the product or service which tends to appear on the Google search snippet.

2. Header (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6 Tags).

Segregating the page contents under sub headers like that of H1 to H6 tags.

3. Canonicalization (Website not opening to domain with different urls).

Multiple urls opening in a single domain address. For example, Http://, Https:// and Http:// should open to the same website.

4. The Website should be responsive and compatible with all mobile devices.

5. SSL certificate for the website which ensure no phishing activity on the website.

6. Creating an XML Sitemap for the website structure.

7. Fix all the broken links.

Links to the website which were existing earlier and recently it is redirected to show 404 errors.

8. Use of robot.txt to hide any page from Google algorithm and restrict it from publishing on search engine.

9. The website download time should be extremely less and simple for the Google algorithm and users to stay interested and continue browsing through all contents on the website.

Off Page Optimization :-

1. Building links by getting listed on third party websites categorized as Forums, Bookmarks, Business Directory, Classified, Blogs, articles, memes, infographics, presentation, guides, video channels, podcasts, whitepapers, documents, profile creation sites.

2. Contents created for the above categories needed to mention with keywords that targets the product or service of the business without over crowding or repetition.

3. Appropriate use of anchor text or hyperlink to the contents is created for a meaningful understanding.

4. Avoid content duplication as it attracts ban from search engines.

5. Create social media handles and distribute content with appropriate hashtags and keywords.

Call To Action - Communique Digital

Properly plan and structure the website with appropriate flow of information from start to end. Should fix Call To Action button on the homepage to capture inquiries from the visitors coming to the website. The website should be linked to Google Analytics or Adobe Ad Hoc Analytics for proper monitoring of consumer behaviour. More the website will be user friendly, more it have a chance to be accepted by the search engines and Social Media visitors.

Communique LLC is an experienced and specialized agency that promotes brands related to the Food & Beverage industry, with decades of rich experience when it comes to marketing for restaurants. From fine dining to casual dining, Fast food to Quick Service restaurants, clubs, bars and night clubs and more, have successfully devised and marketed numerous campaigns for brands in the Middle East.

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