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Food Photography as a part of Social Media Content Strategy

With the advent of easy access to software tools, cameras and images online, there is a big chance of cluttering happening all around the web. Everyone and anyone is poised to share images that are irrelevant and uninteresting on Social Media pages. Therefore, the challenge here is to grab eyeballs and interest of the so called instant human crawlers who just swipe through the multiple posts in a whisker. It becomes more profound when we are talking about food photography. If you are seriously looking forward to break the ice on Social media, then the attempt must be to make the food look tempting and increase the cravings. Content strategy should build around specialized food shots as served in the restaurant.

Hummus shot from Omnia Baharat by Communique Digital

Get the basic knowledge about content creation and development right for the food business, though in this context, it is always advisable to hire food photography specialists. Some of the basic rules one should check before approving food shots for the Social Media campaign is as mentioned below

1. Getting food shots in almost every possible angle, including the sides and the top angle with the focus on the food itself. It could be later decided on which angle to approve as a final Social media content.

2. Arrange a bright hand lamp else look for a place where the natural sunlight is abundant to brighten the food shot. Also, ensure to carry a white reflective cardboard to be used as a background to achieve soft shadows of the food or the plates kept nearby.

3. Arrange for props that are relevant or have close connect to the food category, cuisine origin and restaurant theme which is in need to be communicated. Example of props can be like ingredients, sauces, oils, cooking utensils, tins, jars, herbs, glasses, fabrics, linens, table mat etc.

4. Food close up shot where all the focus should be on food and props and rest distant background has to be blurred to get the maximum attention to the food.

5. If the cuisine or food looks tempting when served hot, then care should be taken for a slow motion video out of the rising smoke from the freshly served food. If the food has a crust outside and liquid filled inside or food with juicy, creamy dip like a chocolate fudge or a juicy chicken gravy, then the focus should move around that aspect of the food while forking the stuff inside out more than anything else.

6. Colour, composition and toning of the picture using a Photoshop is also advisable. All the dark objects or shadow has to be carefully applied to keep the focus more on the food than anything else.

Palak paneer food shot from Farzi Cafe by Communique Digital

All kinds of research and efforts made to make this photography successful is to tell a story about what a restaurant serve and how it can make a difference to a foodie's palate.

Communique Digital is an experienced and specialized Social Media agency that promotes brands related to the Food & Beverage industry, with decades of rich experience when it comes to marketing for restaurants. From fine dining to casual dining, Fast food to Quick Service restaurants, clubs, bars and night clubs and more, have successfully devised and marketed numerous campaigns for brands in the Middle East.

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