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Simple ways to harness the power of Instagram

Never make a direct sale? !

Well, It is social media time , so a lot of tips are behind the scene.

Nowadays, indirect sales may work further better. There are many brands who are using bloggers, public figures, sport players, Models and some normal people not only increase their sales, but also to make a jump in the total volume of Revenue.

People may think that Instagram is such a nice platform to upload a picture at the end of the week, having coffee or doing exercise or any other activity. But the fact is quite different. Today Instagram will be smoothly practical and convenient for those who are looking to develop their brand in modern ways. That classy & brilliant application might do anything for you from selling a burger and ending with fancy diamond. Among the competitors who are using Instagram a lot of secrets are hidden here and there.

If you have a few sociable guys who do good posts which can be only in high resolution picture plus few smart words promoting your product in a way , this absolutely will give you tons of leads. And in some cases it is better not to mention brand name not even to talk about the brand , just show the brand as a part of the whole picture and it will work. Why? Well, this is a social media art. Grab your brush and start drawing your marketing plan and nothing will stop you in this big sea.

Communique Digital Client Instagram Account - Omnia Baharat

The first and the most working tools in Instagram is " Hashtag " so if you do a creative Hashtag which is eye-catching you can attract a lot of people to your post. Also, tagging few influencers to the post can do a wonder by diverting direct attention to your brand. It even help you to find your targets, for instance, if you are selling Indian Snacks and you think that young people are your best targets . Then simply search for #indian guy or #indian girl or etc and you will reach thousand of people in your city.

Humans always look for a change which applies to the direct sales , go trendy with the social media platforms and do your best. Instagram has unlimited targets and each one you are following leads you to hundreds or thousands of individuals.

Communique Digital Client Instagram Account - Farzi Cafe Dubai

There is also another specification which will help you a lot if you make the most of it, which is adding address to the post. If you simply think your targets will be in some certain areas, then post the picture adding area name and find a lot of people using the same address.

And now get ready for the unexpected surprise, just be innovative and tag a big star related to the same topic in your creative post and stand a chance of re- posting the same on their own pages in case they really liked the post. Do you know what does that mean? Do not count their followers it is just a priceless post. There are also tools available to analyze and target audience beyond your organic reach.

Welcome in the social media world where anybody can be a star! But with the same traditional way it is all about charisma!! So build up your charisma through your creativity and own the world!

Communique LLC is an experienced and specialized Social Media agency that promotes brands related to the Food & Beverage industry, with decades of rich experience when it comes to marketing for restaurants. From fine dining to casual dining, Fast food to Quick Service restaurants, clubs, bars and night clubs and more, have successfully devised and marketed numerous campaigns for brands in the Middle East.

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