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How To Use WhatsApp as a Marketing Tool?

Social media networks and messaging apps have changed the way we communicate, and for businesses it means adapting to these technologies to reach their target audiences. As the largest messaging application, WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $19bn, has more than 1.2 billion users globally and growing every minute making WhatsApp the world’s fastest growing communication app.

SMS and Text Messages have already been replaced by WhatsApp especially in regions where the message rates are high. Businesses are also using the app for their communication solutions and also to generate sales and conduct marketing activities. Find out the below details of how businesses are using WhatsApp for their communication:

1. Internal Communication

Companies are creating groups on whatsapp as it’s a common platform and a default app downloaded on everyone’s mobile and need not need any training for employees. Also, you don’t need to ask your employees to check up on as they’re already on it.

2. Customer Communication

You can follow up with your customers on whatsapp for their orders rather than phone calls and text messages. 40% people are more likely to reply on Whatsapp comparing to any other medium and you receive a better response and customer engagement.

3. Customer Service & Feedback

Real time customer service is way too expensive for small ventures and seems like a luxury but not with whatsApp. If you are a small business, you can be hooked with whatsapp and solve all the queries of your customers online. And, you can send or receive photos, videos, songs, voice notes, links, and documents with your customer to make it value added and luxurious.

Messenger Marketing Tools

4. Targeting Groups and Broadcast Lists

Creating groups of up to 256 members and sharing videos of your product/service can create more engagement. If there is some content in the video, the group members will share it with their friends and family. Creating Broadcast Lists and sending across a message to more than 256 people acts as a one way communication and works best for invitations, and links and are likely to create more engagement. Partnering with Businesses and Influencers, there will be more people interested to be added in your groups and broadcast lists.

5. Promotional Codes and Flash Sales

The new WhatsApp Status feature allows great opportunity for businesses to put up a promotional code and flash sales in their statuses which will last upto 24 hours which makes it a unique promotion only for its customers or data base. Using the instant photo as well as the location feature in the status, it can inform everyone in a group conversation about the promotions you are running.

6. Campaigns

WhatsApp Business allows marketers an ability to run a campaign. This implies you can urge recipients to send pictures of them utilizing your item, posing in front of the store, etc. And, in return you can offer rebate coupon codes that will make it simple for your small venture acquire relevant contacts and develop your business. Have a look at the below video of Absolut Vodka when they launched their Limited Edition Absolut Unique Bottle Collection in Argentina on Whatsapp.

WhatsApp is a powerful communication tool. It has become widely popular due to its simplicity. This doesn’t mean that you must spam or bombard your clients with WhatsApp messages. Preferably, you should utilize WhatsApp to associate with existing cliental base instead of reaching or targeting for new clients. Everybody dislikes messages originating from obscure contact numbers. If you really need to get a positive reaction, you should think of the inventive approaches to advance your business utilizing WhatsApp. Measure your interactions so each message you send has an esteem. Try not to make each discussion or message about making a deal. Remember other users have the power to delete your message with a single click.

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