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Innovative Social Media Restaurant Marketing Campaigns Case Study

Social Media is not limited to only one way direct online communication between the consumer and the brand, neither meant to impose its purview upon consumers what the brand wants to propagate. In todays fast moving and busy lifestyle, consumers only listen or watch content that boost their curiosity or in the line of their interest. So, it is worthless to have a Social Media strategy, which does not excite or allow the users to indulge with the brand. Creative agencies, marketing and brand experts have to come up with innovative creative concepts that kicks off one's curiosity.

Restaurants should adopt a story telling approach that relates to the brand, service, food and experience offered at the premise. At Communique Digital we share with you some eye catching Social Media campaigns like Nandos - 'Love at First Bite' which worth a read. They choose Social Media handles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Google Plus and personal blog as the channel for connecting and targeting the right audience in UK only. Target audience includes college going youths and school going teenagers. Also, retweet of the pictures of people at restaurant who personalizes the brand. Nandos current Social Media stats is as follows

Twitter - 1.52M Followers

Facebook - 4.4M Likes

Instagram - 224K Followers

Youtube - 5.3M Viewers

Celebrity endorsement on Social Media - Nandos ran a campaign #NandosGrills where they endorsed celebrities like Ed Sheeran, The Vamps, Neon Jungle, JME, Keith Lemon, Rizzle Kicks and Loick Essien and made short videos customized for Social Media handles only. Ed Sheeran created a short funny song on Nandos as Nandos Skank which hits 5M views on Youtube.

Nandos Case Study

Product Push on Social Media - Restaurant made appetizing, salivating videos of grilled chicken. The video looks like a live video of a chicken on the grill and flames coming out of the grill and slowly tempering the cooking process.

Competition and Games - Nandos initiated few games like Dumb Charades and named it as Nandos Charades on vine and shared it on Social Media handles and offered 100 Pound gift voucher for all followers who participated. Another competition named Nando's Black Card made people crazy to eat at every restaurant branch across the world to get a lifetime offer - Treat yourself absolutely Free.

Engaging post - Shared posts related to jokes and humor that attract eyeballs. Also, competition like #fingerselfie created a lot of buzz on the social media because of its virality.

Communique LLC is an experienced and specialized agency that promotes brands related to the Food & Beverage industry, with decades of rich experience when it comes to marketing for restaurants. From fine dining to casual dining, Fast food to Quick Service restaurants, clubs, bars and night clubs and more, have successfully devised and marketed numerous campaigns for brands in the Middle East.

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