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Case Study

Social Media is a digital medium where people interact, engage and get updates about diverse topics related to their field of interest like business, politics, general etc.  Social media often influence purchasing decision making of consumers over a period of time. Research unveils that consumers subconsciously endorse the brand they come across frequently through Social Media.


​Communique Digital have the capacity to harness the benefits of Social Media in favour of a brand catering to retail, food & beverage, hospitality, healthcare industries. Being one of the veteran in the advertising industry serving the Gulf market have ultimate potential to influence consumerism through innovative content development to be broadcasted across Social Media channels. Currently, we are actively serving to our clients on

Facebook             Twitter             Instagram             SnapChat              YouTube             Foursquare             Zomato

Our deliverability includes :

Pre Social Media Targeting and Segmentation

Social Media Competition Analysis

Social Media Handle Selection

Social Media Content Planning and Mapping

Social Media Content Development

Social Media Content Posting and Promotion

Social Media Campaign Management

Consumer Inquiry and Traffic Management

Social Media Listening, Reporting and Analysis

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