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SEO is known as Search Engine Optimization primarily helps the website to appear or identified when users search for a relevant business keyword on search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc. SEO is again bifurcated into two parts as on-page optimization and off-page optimization. On-page optimization makes the website best fit for the search engine crawlers or algorithms when they crawl the website to collect data relevant to the keyword or phrase searched by the user. Off-page optimization helps the website to create link in 3rd party website of high page rank. These links help search engine to identify the credibility of the website thus increasing chances of getting noticed in top page of search engine ranking.


​Lead generation is a system to collect consumer inquiries interested to purchase the product or service online. This system is connected to all the digital channels including Social media, PPC, ADWORDS, Email Marketing etc and then the consumer is redirected to the website or any landing page with a form requesting for their contact details. This database is then used by the sales team to follow up and make the final sales.

Search Engine Optimization deliverables includes

Website Error Report

Pre SEO Report

Keyword Report Analysis

Keyword  dependant content writing

Onpage Optimization – Title

Onpage Optimization – Meta tag

Onpage Optimization – Meta description management

Onpage Optimization- Sitemap/W3c error validation/ Google Webmaster tool implementation

Competitor Analysis Report

Traffic Analysis Report

Off page Optimization – Directory

Link (Directory, Bookmark, article, blog, reciprocal

Off page Optimization – Bookmarking

Off page Optimization – Article submission


Off page Optimization – Blog

Press Release


Video Submission (Optional)

Social Media Submission

Reciprocal Submission

Performance report


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