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Blogger Outreach Program is basically a digital influencer management program where bloggers or influencers from the field of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, healthcare or any type of retail industry influence buying decision of the consumers through their blogs or social media handles. 


​Communique Digital capitalises its 20 years advertising experience of its parent company Communique LLC. Communique Digital already have an access to this long established  relationship with Middle East based influencers. or bloggers of high repute. Middle East based bloggers or influencers work in tandem with our agency on case to case basis. Relationship with influencers or bloggers is very critical and sensitive as they work due to their passion in the industry rather than commercial interest only. Blogger Outreach Program follows a process as mentioned below 

Analysis, segmentation, targeting and positioning of the brand

Bloggers Outreach Program planning & strategy

Selection of bloggers or influencers based on the STP 

Categorizing bloggers or influencers based on followers, availability and budget

Invitation is sent to bloggers or influencers and requested for their confirmation

One date is fixed just before the launch event of the brand for the bloggers or influencers to attend

Invited bloggers or influencers starts shooting their experience or reviews through their digital channels and creating a budge and virality among the fans.

Monitoring and reporting of the activity post campaign.


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